Your truck is important to you. If it’s a commercial vehicle, it’s a part of your business. If your truck has engine problems, having downtime is just unacceptable. You can be assured we make every attempt to provide the fastest turnaround without sacrificing quality work and quality time to every detail.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, every-time, all the time!

We are experts in determining a specific maintenance plan for each diesel vehicle. We thrive on constantly researching recurrent factory problems and issues and technical service bulletins, therefore, keeping abreast of all service requirements to keep your individual vehicle, or fleet vehicle, in its optimum running condition.

We are the most respected and trusted for quality  reliable diesel engine service.

Orlando line-boring


Durham Orlando Line Boring

Portable Line Boring

Line boring is a welding/machining process to repair bores that have been worn out, over sized, and irregular shaped.  We are able to build up the inside diameter of the bore with a robotic welding system and machine to the proper size.  Once finished, the bore will have a slip fit or press fit to accept new bushing or pins.  The process can be done vertical or horizontal in your shop, on job site, or at our shop.

Central Florida Line Boring Services

  • Fully portable
  • Bore Welding & Bore Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Bucket Pins Repair
  • Loader Arm Repair
  • Industrial Equipment Repair
  • Marine Line Boring for Marine Applications
  • Mining Equipment Repair
  • Excavator Boom Repair
  • Center Pin Repair
  • Holes from 1.375″ to 8″ in diameter

Our Mobile Onsite Portable Line Boring Team serves up to 100 mi. from Orlando FL

Durham Orlando Line Boring


We carry Computer Diagnostic tools for Heavy-Duty Trucks.  We use the same equipment as the Dealers to ensure we properly diagnosis your vehicle’s condition. You can’t fix everything with a pair of plyers and a screw driver. We invest money in our equipment and especially on our computer diagnostics. Our state of the art computer will diagnose all of your trucks’s problems.

Technology has evolved in the past 10 years and your trucks have become more computer driven. A computer diagnostics helps the technician diagnose the issues in your truck. Take the guessing out of the game. Durham’s Diesel Service understands the importance of your On-Board Diagnostics. Give us a call or stop by Today.

Call now to schedule diagnosis of your vehicle at our full service truck repair facility.

We’ll do a system diagnostics of your Heavy-Duty Truck’s Electrical System in the problem area to identify and locate the electrical malfunction. We identify and correct electrical problems fast and efficiently for our customers. Durham’s Diesel Service has high quality automotive electrical systems inspections including alternator repair, and battery replacement, as well as a variety of auto repair services

  • Wiring Harness Inspection and Repair
  • Repair Wiring Harness Connectors
  • Switches, Relays and Solenoids
  • Repair Electrical Lighting Circuits
  • Service and Test Battery Voltage Supply Systems
  • Repair Computer Control System Component Failures
  • Service (APU) Auxillary Power Units

Call now to schedule diagnosis of your vehicle at our full service truck repair facility.

Durham’s Diesel Service is dedicated to providing fast, quality service on all makes of equipment along with preventative maintenance to reduce repairs and ensure increased machine uptime. Durhams’s is also committed to providing quality and dependable off road equipment to companies striving to conduct business in the most efficient manner.
An oil change is cheaper than an engine change! Performing proper heavy equipment maintenance now saves an emergency visit from one of our road mechanics later. Durham works with you to protect your investments through custom preventive maintenance programs designed to fit the way you use your vehicles.

We take our Heavy Equipment Repair Service very seriously.

Mobile Full-Service commercial fleet maintenance and repair with 24-hour emergency Tow services. We also offer on-site fleet maintenance programs to assist in keeping your trailers in-service at all times. Our technicians back at the shop perform all types of repair, whether it is a PM service or a unit that needs more extensive repairs. 
We will repair your truck in no time. Visit our facility to see why we are the best at what we do! Durham’s Diesel Service specializes in quick, road side service intended to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in tow bills as well as in out of service violations. On occasion things have to be repaired and cannot be towed easily.

Durham’s Diesel Service is Keeping your fleet of tractor trailers running smoothly!

Are you looking for your Class A or Class C Motorhome repair shop? Need a one-stop RV Repair shop for RVs, campers, travel trailers, and coaches?   Customers choose us first for RV repair needs. We use quality replacement RV parts on all repairs. Our ASE Certified technicians combined have accumulated over 50 years of experience and pride themselves on making sure no minor detail goes overlooked during your RV repair and service.

We offer mobile RV repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our troubleshooting and RV repair service focuses on the Recreational Vehicle specialties rather than what is under the hood and vehicle mechanics. We can repair, install and service all the equipment that your RV has. We carry a wide array of parts so we can get your trouble solved and fixed on the spot.

Quick RV repairs from a service center helping customers protect their investments.


If your brakes or hydraulics system isn’t working as it should, you put yourself in danger every time you’re on the road. Don’t risk your safety – come to us for the fast and affordable repairs you need. You can count on us to have the best parts for your truck. We carry and install Brake drums, brake shoes, brake chambers, brake air hoses, slack adjusters,  camshafts, brake hardware & brake pads.

  •  Wheel seals
  •  Wheel bearings
  •  Hub caps
  •  Pinion seals
  •  Air filters
  •   Lube filters
  •   Fuel filters
  •   Hydraulic filters
  •   Coolant filters
  •   Transmission filters

Durham’s Diesel Service is the leading service provider of truck brakes and brake parts.

Will your truck not shift into gears? Are the gears slipping when you shift? Is your truck leaking fluid or will it not move at all? All of these problems indicate a transmission or clutch issue that requires service from our experts.bring your truck to us as soon as you notice a problem to potentially avoid extensive damage. ServicingClutch repair services.  Axles, Differential & Transfer Case repair services.
Transmissions are a very complex piece of machinery that requires expert attention and repair.  We have the knowledge & experience to diagnose your transmission problems.We all know that some transmission shops will incorrectly diagnose a transmission issue that directly results in the vehicle owner spending a lot of unnecessary money when if the problem had been diagnosed properly, the owner would have saved money and time.

Durham’s Diesel Service Professionals can repair your clutch or Transmission right the first time.


Welding and Fabrication on site for all types of repairs such as Dock ramps, Dock doors, Bumpers, fence repair, forklift and pallet jack service plus more. We provides certified qualified service to our customers. Our experience includes welding and fabrication of mild steel, cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. We also provide machining, bending, drilling, punching, shearing, plasma cutting, pipe bending, angle/pipe/structural steel/plate rolling

Durham’s Diesel Service specializes in providing high quality, custom metal fabrication, certified welding and precision machining to a broad spectrum of industries. We will work closely with you to meet your specific fabrication, welding or machining needs with quick turnaround and quality customer service. We provide complete AWS-certified welding, fabricating and finishing on all types of metal materials.

We welcome the opportunity to quote on your Welding & Fabrication needs.

We can install, service, maintain, refinish, and repair all models of liftgate. Our mechanics are qualified to diagnose and repair all structural, hydraulic, and electrical issues. We carry critical parts in stock, and can provide emergency mobile service. We guarantee customer satisfaction. Call us today and speak to an expert.
Preventative maintenance can dramatically reduce road calls and downtime. PennFleet offers is a complete service performed by a trained technician. Be sure to have a conversation with us about your lift gates and their usage before they break down so that we can help you plan an inspection schedule that best suits your needs.

Durham’s Diesel Service can install, service, maintain, refinish, and repair all models of liftgate.